Frequently asked questions

Common Questions
Common Questions
How does the service work?

The service works like a message board. Users can create an ad asking for help or offering it. They can find each other in the catalog by filtering ads by categories and tags. You can create requests and offers for both services and items.

Can I post ads with payment?

At the moment you can't. This project is aimed at helping people selflessly. At the same time, we understand that some services or items require at least a nominal fee. You can vote for this feature so that we add it in new updates.

Is there a delivery service?

We do not deliver items. However, you can agree on this with the owner of the ad when discussing the transfer of the item in the chat.

There is no right category for the ad I want to post. What should I do?

Write to support, we will add a new category if necessary. In the meantime, you can post an ad in the "Other" category.

Is it the help for some volunteer organization or specific people?

With our service, people offer and request help on their own. It is individual help from one person to another.

I'm being treated rudely

If you notice that a person communicates rudely or behaves suspiciously, write to support, describing the situation and attaching evidence (screenshots). We will investigate the situation and block the user account that violates the rules of the service.

What does the book button mean?

This button allows you to reserve an item before meeting the ad owner. The reservation must be confirmed by the owner. Until then, all users can send booking requests.

What ads are prohibited?

Not all ads may be posted on our site. For example, you must not transfer drugs, alcohol, weapons and offer illegal services or items. Here is the full list of prohibited ads.

I can't manage post an ad.

You need to go to the "My ads" section, click the "Create an ad" button. On the next page fill in the title, description of the ad, select the category: requests for help or offers of help. Also define ad categories: degree of wear, category (Food, Electronics and others). Determine your location so that people nearby can respond. Click on the “Submit for review” button so that our volunteers can review the ad and publish it. If you have any difficulties, please contact our support team.

If you are willing to help
If you are willing to help
I want to help, but not for free

Currently, there is no way to make ads with payment. This is necessary so that even the most needy people can use the services, because they also need help.

Why describe the item and attach a photo?

If you make a detailed description and attach a photo, then people will be able to understand for sure that the item you offer suits them. The more information there is in the announcement, the sooner those in need can get help.

What to do with the ad after I gave the item?

After you have met and given the item, click on the “Complete Deal” button. The ad will then close and you can write review on the user. If you don't close the deal, you can't leave a review.

Is it possible to place several items in one ad at once?

This is not prohibited, but it is better to place only one item or one package in one ad. So it will be possible to describe his condition in more detail, and it will be easier for people to find help.

How can I help?

You can create an ad to offer to help. If you have something you don't need or there is a service you can provide for free, create an ad in your profile. Describe the item you are willing to give away or the service you are willing to provide for free. Upload photos, leave your contacts. After verification, the ad will appear in the catalog, and those in need will contact you for help. You can also help by responding to help requests from the catalog. The people there are in dire need of help.

If you need help
If you need help
I have no money. Can I get help?

Yes! Now all ads on our site are exclusively free of charge. If you are required to pay for a service or item, then write about it in support and in no case agree.

What should I upload to the photo section if I post an ad asking for help?

You can upload a photo of yourself or your family. So people will see that you are a real person and will faster decide to help you. Most importantly, try to describe in detail the item or service that you need.

How do I get help or an item?

After you have found the desired ad in the catalog or created your own, contact the owner of the ad through the chat built into the service, or by phone number and other contacts in his profile. Agree on how and where the item will be handed over to you or service will be provided. After the meeting, you can leave feedback about the interaction with the ad’s owner.

What if I need a certain item/service?

Try searching the ad catalog. If you do not find anything suitable, then create a request for help in your profile. Describe the item or service you need, leave contact details. You can also add your photo or a photo of your family - such ads inspire more trust and sympathy. Soon you will be contacted by people willing to help.

They want money from me. What should I do?

You should immediately write to support. It is forbidden to demand money in exchange for help on our site. A user who asks for money violates our rules. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that no money will be demanded from you, but we will immediately remove the ad and block the account of the user who will try to sell something.

I'm afraid to personally meet with the owner of the ad.

We try to check the ads that are posted on our site, but we cannot guarantee the safety. If you are afraid to meet in person, then take precautions when communicating with the owner of the ad: do not go to third-party messengers, choose a neutral territory and a crowded place for a meeting. Also try to arrange delivery of the item if possible.

Who we are?

We are a team of caring people who decided to help people help. Some of us had to emigrate or become refugees. We know what it's like to give up the ordinary life and be left without funds to buy new things, clothes, home comforts and other. We also were in the place of those who had something lying around at home, which is not a pity to share. Therefore, we decided to make a service that unites people on both sides and makes the process of helping easier.

If you want to support the project, participate in its development or just offer idea for improvement, write to us! We are looking for support volunteers, developers and marketers. By the way, we really want to cooperate with organizations that help people.

Tell about us on social networks or just to your friends so that there are more postings on the site from people offering help and those who need it. This small step will be a big contribution to our mission!