User agreement

User agreement

1. Definitions

  1. Day - 24 hours in a row.
  2. Guest - an individual user of the Website who does not have an Account or is not authorized.
  3. is a website development team and a free bulletin board service.
  4. Category - thematic category (for example, "Food" or "Electronics") to which the Announcement belongs. A category can be divided into thematically related subcategories.
  5. Client - a User who is an individual who performs actions on the Website that are not directly related to his business or professional activities.
  6. Account - a set of data relating to a specific User, including information about his actions on the Website and information provided by the User on the Website. The rules regarding the Account are set out in clause 3 of the Rules.
  7. Refugee - A User who makes Transactions with a Volunteer, publishes announcements about a request for help, using the functionality of the Website.
  8. Announcement - an offer to donate or provide a Position made by a Volunteer, as well as a request for the free provision of an item or service published on the Website on the terms specified in paragraph 4 of the Rules.
  9. Position - items or services included in the Announcement.
  10. Rules - these Rules, including appendices, defining the principles of use of the Website. The latest version of the Rules can be found on the Website at any time, downloaded, saved to the hard drive of the device or printed.
  11. Registration - the process of creating an Account by the User after providing them with the relevant data, accepting the Rules and activating the Account.
  12. Website (Service) - the online platform available on the domain.
  13. Volunteer - a User who publishes an Announcement on the provision or gratuitous transfer of goods or services on the Website and makes Transactions with the Buyer.
  14. Transaction - any agreement concluded between the Users or the User and the Guest in relation to the Position.
  15. User - a natural, legal person or a separate division, endowed with legal capacity and using the Website after logging into the Account.

2. General provisions

  1. The terms of use of the Website, including the rules for Registration, publication of Announcements, as well as issues related to filing complaints, are set out in the Rules. Each user of the Website is obliged to familiarize himself with the content of the Rules.
  2. Guests may only use limited features of the Website under the terms and conditions set forth in these Rules, in accordance with the law and principles of fairness.
  3. The content published on the Website, including, in particular, Ads, regardless of their form, i.e. text, graphics and video materials, are subject to intellectual property rights, including copyrights and industrial property rights,, Volunteers, Refugees or third parties. This content may not be used in any way without the written consent of the authorized person. Any aggregation, processing of data and other information available on the Website is prohibited for the purpose of its further transfer to third parties on other sites and outside the Internet. Also, without the consent of, it is prohibited to use the designations of the Website and, including characteristic graphic elements.
  4. Subject to the license granted to pursuant to clause 4.3, these Rules do not provide for the consent to use the rights of or the rights of third parties specified in clause 2.3, but should not be construed as a waiver of these rights.
  5. is not a party to the Transaction.
  6. Within the Website, you can perform the following actions:
    a. viewing the content of the Website;
    b. use of the Account and related features;

c. placement of advertisements.

  1. Free services are provided for viewing the content of the Website, Account and publishing Ads.
  2. In order to use the Website in full, the device connected to the Internet must meet the following requirements:
    a. uninterrupted Internet connection that provides two-way communication via the HTTPS protocol;
    b. a properly installed and configured web browser of the latest version that supports the HTML5 standard and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) technology, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer;
    c. support for JavaScript and cookies is enabled (usually enabled by default in browsers);
    d. for mobile devices: original Android version 7.0 or later (Nougat) or original iOS version 13.0 or later. The website may not display correctly on a TV screen, Blackberry screen, or Windows Phone screen.
  3. makes every effort to keep the Website running smoothly. In an effort to ensure high quality services and efficient operation of the Website, reserves the right to suspend the operation of the Website under the conditions described below:
    a. Technical breaks may take place during the night (22-06), during which some functions of the Website and services provided by may be limited or unavailable.
    b. Technical failure - the occurrence of a technical error due to circumstances for which is responsible, resulting in: the main functions of the Site are not available or do not work correctly, in particular, this concerns the inability to publish, display, update Ads.
  4. Announcements published on the Website are displayed in the respective categories in chronological order, that is, according to the following principle: the later the User publishes an Announcement, the higher it is in the list. Only active Ads are displayed on the Website's home page.
  5. Users communicating with other Users via chat on the Website acknowledge that these conversations are not confidential and their content may be collected by By accepting these Rules, the User acknowledges that has the right to access and analyze the content of conversations conducted through the chat function on the Website in order to improve the safety of Users, prevent abuse and improve the quality of the Website. More information on how and why accesses and analyzes the content of conversations conducted through the chat feature on the Website can be found in the Privacy Policy.

3. Account

  1. To take full advantage of the functionality of the Services, the Guest must register an Account and start using the Website as a registered User. The account provides, among other things, the following functions of the Website:
    a. publication and management of published Announcements;
    b. viewing Ads of other Users;
    c. sending messages to other Users and receiving messages from them;
  2. The user can only be an individual with the appropriate amount of legal capacity, a legal entity or a separate subdivision. In the case of legal entities and separate divisions, only the person authorized to act on their behalf may create an Account and perform any activity on the Website.
  3. A User can only have one Account. This rule does not apply if:
    a. The User has an Account used for personal purposes and a separate Account associated with his business activities;
    b. you need to create another Account due to the inability to access the Account (forgotten password)
    However, all exceptions in this regard must be reviewed in detail by, which has the right to suspend an Account for the duration of the review or terminate Accounts in the absence of evidence of circumstances justifying the application of the above exception.
  4. To register an Account, you need:
    a. complete a form available on the Website and provide the required details, including your email address and a unique password or authentication through an external service provider such as Facebook, Google or Apple;
    b. read the Rules and annexes to them, accepting their terms.
  5. processes personal data of Users, persons acting on behalf of Users and Guests in accordance with the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Policy on Cookies and Similar Technologies.
  6. After filling in the data required for registration, a confirmation of registration of the Account, a link to activate the Account and the current Rules will be sent to the email address specified by the User. Registration ends when the User activates the Account. At this stage, an agreement on the maintenance of the Account is concluded. The activation link will expire after 30 days from the receipt of the Account registration confirmation email, if activation is not made within this period, the Account will not be activated.
  7. The User guarantees that the data provided during the Registration and during the use of the Website is accurate, correct and up-to-date, and that he has the right to use this data. The user undertakes to update the data if they change. reserves the right to block the Account if the data provided does not meet the above requirements, in accordance with the procedure set out in clause 6 of the Rules.
  8. A person using the Website on behalf of a User, who is a legal entity or a separate division, confirms that he is duly authorized to act and perform all actions on the Website on behalf of such User.
  9. The User undertakes to keep the Account access data confidential and protect them from access by unauthorized third parties. The User shall immediately inform if he becomes aware that unauthorized third parties have gained access to the Account, and, if possible, immediately change the access data.
  10. The contract for the maintenance of the Account is concluded for an indefinite period after its activation. The Account maintenance agreement may be terminated by the User subject to the following rules:
    a. the right to delete the Account does not affect the User's right to withdraw from the contract or terminate it, provided for by law and these Rules;
    b. Deleting an Account is possible by selecting the appropriate option on the Account panel.
    c. after the User deletes the Account, the remaining agreements between and the User regarding the services provided on the Site shall cease to be valid;
    d. After deleting the Account or terminating the Account agreement, the User loses access to the information provided or created during the use of the Website.
    e. has the right not to delete Account information that has been deleted by the user.
  11. has the right to terminate the agreement with the User if the User:
    a. have not logged into the Account for 24 months. In this case, the User will no longer be able to use the deleted Account. Information about the termination of the agreement will be sent to the User within 30 days to the e-mail address or phone number specified during Registration. If the User wishes to continue using the Account using the functions provided for this purpose, he will need to log into the Account for this.'s right to terminate the contract in accordance with this provision does not limit the User's right to re-register on the Website. However, does not guarantee that the current Username associated with the Account will be available for use during a new registration;
    b. notwithstanding's request to stop certain acts or omissions that violate the terms of the Rules or generally applicable laws, the Rules still remain in effect as specified in the request.
  12. To ensure the proper functioning of the Service and protect the safety of users, reserves the right to additional verification of the accuracy and veracity of the data provided by the User, to request the User to confirm his identity, information contained in the Announcement or related to the Transaction being made, by the method chosen by Share.Place. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt to verify the data or identity of the User, may suspend or block the Account on the terms set forth in clause 6 of the Rules.
  13. Client's withdrawal from the contract. Within 14 days from the date of conclusion of the agreement with, the Client may cancel it without giving reasons by sending a corresponding application to the postal address of Upon termination of the Account maintenance agreement, other agreements binding with the User shall be terminated.
  14. The Account Maintenance Agreement may be terminated by the User in accordance with the rules of clause 3.9. in case of refusal to accept changes to the Rules. In this case, in order to terminate the Account maintenance agreement, the User must, no later than within 15 days from the date of the announcement of the changes, notify of his intention. Termination by the User of the aforementioned Account maintenance agreement shall enter into force 15 days after the notification of the User of changes in the Rules, unless the User refuses to communicate his intentions, makes a corresponding statement or takes clear actions on the Website confirming acceptance such conditions (for example, posting a new Announcement).

4. Rules for publishing Announcements

  1. allows the User to post Announcements on the Website. After filling out the appropriate form, the User can publish the Announcement on the Website.
  2. At the time of publication of the Announcement, the User grants a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited and free license to record, reproduce and distribute the Announcement in whole or in part in order to display it on the Website - and partners through which the Website is promoted, and also anywhere via the Internet, including search engines (eg Google) and social networks (eg Facebook). The provision of a license is necessary for the full use of the Service. Due to the peculiarities of the Internet, does not have full control over the distribution of content published or transmitted using the functions of the Website to other Users, and is not liable to third parties for this, in particular, in the case of copying and distribution of the Announcement by third parties on websites and portals not related to the Service.
  3. The content of each Announcement must comply with the requirements set forth in clause 6.1 of the Rules, be truthful, unambiguous and understandable, and also comply with the technical requirements listed by The User may determine the content of the Announcement within the law and in accordance with the following requirements:
    a. The ad does not contain words and expressions commonly considered vulgar or offensive;
    b. The User selects one Category and a subcategory corresponding to the topic to which the Announcement should be related;
    c. The user must agree to provide the service or item free of charge;
    d. The User indicates the state of the Position (new or used) (except for ads in the Categories/Subcategories "Food", "Services";
    e. The Announcement must contain a clear, accurate and complete description of the Position, including truthful and non-misleading information about the features of the Position;
    f. The advertisement cannot contain contact information - such information can only be indicated in the form fields intended for this purpose;
    g. The subject of the Announcement can only be an item that the User owns or has the right to dispose of. If the Subject of the Announcement is located outside of Ukraine, the User must clearly indicate this in the Announcement;
    h. One Ad may offer one Position;
    i. it is necessary to indicate whether the Advertisement offers one unit, several units or a set/package (a set means a set of elements that make up one whole). In one Advertisement, you can add information about the availability of the Position in different colors or similar versions;
    j. The ad may not include content such as, but not limited to, promotional offers and any other promotional information, website addresses and other elements that lead users to resources of companies that provide the same or similar services as (i.e. services for the publication of offers or advertisements by Internet users).
    k. The ad may include exclusively media and text materials created by the user himself or those for which he has the intellectual rights to distribute or license.
  4. If the User posts an Ad in the wrong Category, has the right to move it to another Category.
  5. The Position of the Announcement cannot be:
    a. a proposal of a romantic, marriage, sexual nature;
    b. prohibited goods listed on the “Prohibited Listing List”, as well as any other goods prohibited from sale by applicable law, stolen goods or goods that have become the subject of a judicial or administrative dispute, goods subject to enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings or owned by an entity located in the process of rehabilitation.
  6. The User posts Announcements on the Website by clicking on the "Add Announcement" icon or a similar icon.
  7. Placement of the Advertisement in the Service begins immediately after its publication, but no longer than one of the following circumstances occurs:
    a. The User has transferred or rendered a Position;
    b. The User has modified the Announcement in such a way that it indicates a different item than the one that was originally described;
    c. The user has removed the ad.
  8. If becomes aware of the occurrence of the circumstances specified in paragraphs 3 or 4, has the right to remove the Announcement in accordance with the principles specified in paragraph 6 of the Rules.
  9. During the period of placing the Announcement on the Website, the User can change its content and some parameters, as well as delete this Announcement.
  10. After the Announcement is placed, regardless of the reason, it is archived in the appropriate tab of the Account, where it becomes available to the User. The User must archive the contents of the Announcement, as well as information about the concluded Transactions.

5. Free ads

  1. The User publishes Announcements on the Website free of charge.

6. Illegal and contrary to the Rules actions of Users

  1. The User has the right to use the Service in accordance with its purpose, following the law and good manners of the information society, respecting the rights and interests of others. In particular, the User undertakes:
    a. not take actions that may interfere with the normal functioning of the Service, including not interfering with the content of the Service, your Account, the Accounts of other users or information and technical elements of the Service;
    b. not take illegal actions, including not to use the functionality of the Service to transmit or publish materials that violate the law and personal rights, terrorist content, contain or distribute child pornography, violate the intellectual property rights of others, as well as discriminatory or racist content;
    c. not use the functionality of the Website to transfer (or perform other actions with a similar effect) the Items listed in Appendix 5 "Prohibited and Conditionally Allowed Items", not to transfer them without fulfilling the conditions listed in Appendix 5, as well as other Positions, provided that their sale is excluded in accordance with applicable law, as well as Items that have been stolen or are subject to a judicial or administrative dispute, or Items subject to enforcement proceedings, bankruptcy or readjustment;
    d. not mislead users of the Service and, for example, by providing false information about the Position or hiding relevant information;
    e. refrain from dishonest actions, abuse of the functionality of the Service, use of the Service contrary to its goals and Rules.
  2. The User is obliged to fulfill the obligations listed in clause 6.1 of the Rules at each stage of using the Service, in relation to each proposed functionality, including in the case of publishing Announcements and sending messages to other Users.
  3. The publication or transmission of any content on the Website is carried out automatically using the interface of the Website and without the participation of does not automatically check all content transmitted using the features of the Website.
  4. In the event that the content of the Announcement changes after the User has posted it on the Website, has the right to edit the content that does not comply with the Rules or remove the Announcement.
  5. Any person using the Service has the ability to report to any illegal or contrary to the Rules and Regulations content distributed using the features of the Service. To do this, there is a function "Complain about the ad", available under the Announcement ("Complain about the ad"). To the extent possible, the Notifier must provide data to allow to verify the Abuse Report, including but not limited to the Ad ID, an explanation of why it considers the content to be illegal or against the Rules, and, in its sole discretion, contact details.
  6. In the event of receiving a credible message (based on a report of abuse or by any other means) that the content sent or published using the functions of the Service is illegal or violates the provisions of the Rules, may:
    a. immediately block such content, including but not limited to the Announcement, as well as the related Promotion Services. In case of blocking, the content will not be visible or available to persons using the Service;
    b. conduct appropriate investigations to establish the circumstances of the case, acting proportionately and reasonably, including, for example, by contacting the whistleblower, the content provider, the competent authority or an external consultant;
    c. in case of blocking certain content, not later than when the blocking takes effect, inform the provider of this content, indicating the blocked content, the reasons for the decision to block it, providing the basis for the decision with reference to the Rules;
    d. The provisions of clause 6.6.c shall not apply if, by virtue of notice to the competent public authority, mandatory provisions of law or the need to ensure the safety of life, health of people or the state, it is required not to disclose the information specified in this clause.
  7. The User has the right to challenge the decision to block the content transmitted or published by him using the functions of the Service, objecting to the provision of information about the blocking of this content by The provisions governing the complaints procedure shall apply accordingly.
  8. If the objection referred to in clause 6.7 is considered justified or doubts have been exhausted regarding the circumstances justifying the illegality or violation of the Rules of this content, the blocked content is restored, after which it becomes available, the User can publish it through the Service.
  9. If the objection referred to in clause 6.7 is deemed unfounded or the User does not file an objection within 7 days of receipt of the information referred to in clause 6.6.c, the blocked content is permanently removed from the Website.
  10. has the right to remove an Ad or block an Account if it is suspected that actions that threaten the safety of other Users within the Service may occur through the Ad or Account, as well as if the Ad adversely affects the reputation or otherwise harms Share.Place.
  11. In the event of a serious violation of the law in the course of using the Service, as well as a serious or repeated violation of the Rules, in particular, in the case of repeated attempts to publish or distribute illegal content by a specific User or Users acting jointly by agreement, including the use of different Accounts, may , in accordance with the principles of proportionality and respect for freedom of distribution, suspend, temporarily or permanently block the Account or Accounts, which will be tantamount to a temporary suspension of the provision of services to the User, subject to the following rules:
    a. Suspension of an Account means the temporary suspension of its operation. A user whose Account has been suspended loses the ability to actively use the Service, which means that he cannot send messages using its functions, publish and edit Announcements. However, you can view the Service, message history, and posted Announcements.
    b. Account blocking means that the User loses the ability to log into it.
  12. In case of blocking certain content, no later than when the blocking takes effect, the User will be informed about this in an e-mail (for users registered on the Service using e-mail) indicating the blocked content, the reasons and grounds for such a decision arising from the Rules . A user registered with a phone number will be informed via SMS or messenger message from the official bot. All the above information is available for such Users in the Account.
  13. For the avoidance of doubt, whether or not to raise effective objections in the situations set out in paras. 6.6 or 6.11., the Rules do not affect the User's right to file a complaint in accordance with paragraph 8 of the Rules.

7. Ratings and reviews

  1. The Service provides a system of ratings and reviews, which allows the User to leave a subjective assessment of the Volunteers regarding their experience with such a user. Experience is understood, in particular, as: providing Users with a clear and reliable description of the Subject, form and method of communication between Users, responsiveness, involvement, punctuality. The final basis for evaluation can be any interaction between Users, and not necessarily the conclusion of a transaction.
  2. The rating is issued in the manner, form, terms and categories specified on the Site. The rating will be presented on the Site in the User's ads on a scale from 1 to 10 (up to one decimal place) based on the average level of all ratings provided by the Users.
  3. Descriptive feedback is available to all Users. Additionally, such feedback will play an auxiliary role for the Service to verify the actions of the Users.
  4. If a User has been assigned more than one rating by one User, only the last rating left will be included in the average rating of the User.


The review may not violate the provisions of the current legislation, and may not contain:

  • profanity, obscene and pornographic content, or content that incites hatred, racism, xenophobia and ethnic conflicts,
  • website addresses or links to other websites,
  • advertising content, other commercial content,
  • data of Users or other individuals, including, but not limited to: name and surname, place of residence, telephone number, address, bank account number,
  • content that violates the rights of third parties, including intellectual property rights, personal rights, including good name, reputation of other Users or third parties,
  • content that is the result of an agreement with other Users or third parties for the purpose of influencing ratings or reviews,
  • content that is false, defamatory contains manifestations of unfair competition.5


5. has the right not to include the provided rating in the average rating of the User, or to remove the rating or review in whole or in part when the rating or review:

  • concerns a user who is not the assessed User,
  • provided by the User in relation to himself,
  • provided by employees, relatives, relatives, etc. user,
  • is provided as a result of contact with the User only for the purpose of assigning a rating and / or assessment (for example, to artificially increase or underestimate the level of trust in the User),
  • was provided from an account from an email address created solely for account registration,
  • was provided in a way that indicates placement automation, or placement with solutions that avoid analyzing network traffic,
  • otherwise violates the terms of the Rules.

6. With regard to the content of the review, the User grants a non-exclusive, territorially unlimited and free license under the conditions specified in the provisions of the Rules.

8. Procedure for filing complaints

  1. If there are any failures in the operation of the Service, including in certain technical services, you or the Guest must first contact the Customer Support Service, providing the data necessary to determine the problem.
  2. strives to provide the highest quality service. Regardless of the foregoing, the User has the right to file a complaint free of charge in case of non-provision or improper provision of the services provided for in the Rules.
  3. A complaint can be filed by sending an email via email to
  4. The complaint must contain at least: the name and surname, the User's e-mail address attached to the Account, the identification number of the Ad, the circumstances supporting the complaint, as well as the User's request related to the complaint.
  5. If the data or information provided in the complaint does not allow it to be recognized, will ask the User to clarify any unclear points or provide additional information, accurately indicating doubts or requirements, if needs to acknowledge the complaint.
  6. recognizes the complaint within 15 days from the date of its receipt or receipt of additional information specified in clause 8.5 of the Rules. A response to a complaint must be sent to the email address attached to the Account, unless the User requests that the response be sent to the email address provided in the complaint.
  7. has the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the consideration of the complaint, and / or limit the number of responses to Users who violate the terms of the Agreement.

9. Final provisions

  1. reserves the right to make changes to these Rules subject to the following principles:
    a. Changes to the Rules may relate to organizational, legal or technical issues, as well as tariffs and conditions for the provision of Paid Services;
    b. The User will be informed about each change by posting information on the Service page. They will be visible when properly logged into the Account.
    c. Amendments shall enter into force within the period specified by;
  2. The User who does not accept the amendments to the Rules has the right to terminate the Account maintenance agreement at any time.
  3. Annexes to these Rules are their integral part.